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Team Treehouse ReviewJust recently I signed up for the online classes at Team Treehouse. I have worked with WordPress and built websites for a while now with not much knowledge of coding or the techniques used outside of WordPress. I searched for Team Treehouse reviews for beginners before I signed up. I really couldn’t find any  reviews that were useful to me as a newbie so I decided to write this one in hopes of helping someone else.

I tried first and really liked them. They have a large amount of high quality classes on different subjects. The problem that I was having is the lack of direction, there were so many classes and I didn’t know which ones I should take or where I should start. I think they are great but if you want to learn web design, web development, or IOS Development then Team Treehouse is where you should start. After you get a solid understanding of what you are doing then will be great too.

You have two choices during sign up, silver or gold packages. I went with the silver because it’s cheaper and I don’t need the bonus material the gold offers right now. This Team Treehouse review will only cover the silver package for now but later on I do plan on upgrading. When you sign up they give you the option of picking the classes you want to take or they will help you based on what you want to learn. I decided to go with web design to start with but I am looking forward to taking the web development classes later on. With web design you start with series of courses that will give you a basic overview of HTML and CSS. You are lead through building a basic website with HTML and then making it attractive with CSS. After you’re done with the site you are taught how to upload it to a web server. When you finish this section you will dive deeper into HTML and then CSS which is where I am now.

The classes are easy to follow and give you time to develop as you progress but they do move quickly enough not to bore you. Between the videos are quizzes and challenges that will help you understand how you are doing. You are also encouraged to download the files for each section and follow along on your Mac or PC.


Team Treehouse Review for Beginners


When you set up your profile you are asked if you are looking for work. If you select yes Team Treehouse will let employers know that you would like to find work when they view your profile. As you complete each section you earn badges showing what you have achieved. I suppose this will help employers review what classes you have taken, plus you can show a link to your website and social media hangouts on your profile. The customer service also seems to be top of the line. I have only dealt with them two times but both times I was emailed quickly by a real person.

As of the time that I’m writing this my experience with Team Treehouse is limited but I will update this post as time goes on. I thought it would be better for me to write this now to give you a look at the service as a newbie, making this a true Team Treehouse review for beginners. I hope my Team Treehouse review helped you and if you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments. P.S. When you sign up you get a few free gifts, they aren’t much but it was nice to get something as a bonus.

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